Your Legal Guide To The Immigration Process

Bringing Foreign Talent To The United States

Skilled workers who have a job lined up in the United States must secure the proper visa before immigrating here. At Salah Immigration Law, we help secure temporary employment visas for foreign employees.

Attorney Ayan Salah has experience working with companies in Georgia of all sizes and in a variety of industries as well as workers from countries all over the world. We can also help foreign employees secure permanent residency in the U.S. In addition, employers often turn to us for immigration law compliance training.

Employment-Based Visas: What To Know

Foreign-born workers bring invaluable knowledge, hard work and cultural diversity to the American workforce. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) offers a variety of employment-based visas that employers can use to bring over new talent from abroad. These visas include:

  • H-1B Professional Visa: A visa for nonimmigrant petitioners who have bachelor’s degrees or higher
  • L Intracompany Visa: Nonimmigrant visa for the workers of multinational companies
  • E Investor/Trader Visa: Nonimmigrant visa for citizens of treaty nations who invest in or trade with U.S. companies
  • O Exceptional Ability Visa: Another nonimmigrant visa for people who have extraordinary abilities in areas such as medicine or business
  • B Business Visitor Visa: Nonimmigrant visa for someone conducting business but not employed by a U.S. company

Employers must offer a permanent job to a foreign worker and then sponsor them for one of the aforementioned employment-based visas. Whether you are an employer or a prospective employee, Ayan can work with you to ensure that the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Speak With An Employment Immigration Lawyer Today

Running a business or performing your job duties efficiently is difficult enough without the complex employee visa petition process. Allow Ayan to guide you through the steps to help ease your stress. Call our Atlanta office at 678-968-1439 or send us an email to set up an initial consultation.